If you’re a private mortgage holder and in urgent need of cash, selling your  mortgage note can get you the needed money fast to handle your immediate needs. While there are many buyers out there, finding the right one can make the process as painless and transparent as possible. Simanda Investments is a reputable mortgage note purchasing company with more than twelve years of experience.

What Are Your Options While Selling A Mortgage Note?

You have multiple options if you are looking to sell your mortgage note. These include:

Selling your note with a full note purchase

This option allows you to sell your entire note and get the largest lump sum of money possible upfront to eliminate the risk or obligation of servicing your asset. With this option, you are free to move on to other financial pursuits.

Selling a partial note of your note

This option allows you to sell a specific dollar amount at initial point while you receive the remainder, including the interest later. For example, a note purchasing company can buy 2, 3 or even fifteen years of payments expected from the asset.

Slitting buy-out of your mortgage note

This is when the entire purchase of your mortgage note is divided into 2 or more lump sum stages. You will typically get a lump sum when the sale closes, and then scheduled payments at agreed future dates until all the compensation is paid out.

How To Sell A Mortgage Note

  • Gather all of the details of the note you own such as the copy of your land contract, deed and mortgage or note
  • Provide these details to a mortgage note purchasing company to get a free quote
  • Carefully examine the quote before submitting the contract
  • The purchasing company pre-confirms the asset and asks for documents such as settlement statement and proof of payments records so they can for underwriting
  • Closing occurs, you get paid

Why Choose Simanda Investments?

Simanda Investments is a team of expert mortgage note buyers with extensive experience spanning more than twelve years in the discounted mortgage note industry and the secondary mortgage market. Since starting operation, the company has maintained a 96 percent note closing success rate. Simanda Investments holds a reputation for providing seamless service that exceeds client service and financial expectations.  

Ready to sell your mortgage note at the highest rate possible? Visit the company’s official website.