There's a place in the foothills of Canada's Rocky Mountains where each year nearly five million visitors come from across Canada and around the world to explore, experience and enjoy. This place is Calgary, “Heart of the New West” - a safe, clean and vibrant city that offers the best of all worlds.

Calgary is a cosmopolitan city set in the rolling foothills of the western province of Alberta, which is located directly north of the State of Montana, USA. The majestic Canadian Rockies are less than an hour's drive from the city centre of Calgary.

Calgary's International Airport is just a 20 -minute drive, (17 kilometers or 10.5 miles) from the city's centre. Over 20 airlines service Calgary either directly or in one stop. Excellent, well-maintained highways lead into Calgary from the United States and other parts of Canada.

Calgary is known for its sunny skies and a moderate four-season climate making it a travel destination for all ages. Alberta receives more hours of sunshine yearly than any other province in Canada. These wide-open blue skies and moderate climate beckons year-round outdoor enthusiasts from golfing to hiking, fishing to mountain biking, skiing to dogsledding.

Calgary provides a unique combination of adventure, spirit and legendary western hospitality that makes it one of Canada's top destinations to visit. The optimism of Calgarians is rooted in the rich western heritage and pioneering traditions of the people who built this city.