San Diego Cosmetic dentistry team members Drs. Lawrence Addleson, R. Douglas Campbell, and David Landau of Art of Dentistry, is celebrating National Root Canal Appreciation Day. The day aims to bring awareness to the common dental procedure to help save teeth rather than pulling them. Created by a dentist in 2005, National Root Canal Appreciation Day is recognized every year during the month of May.

Many Americans still fear the root canal experience. The American Association of Endodontists, along with Art of Dentistry, celebrates the nationwide effort to dispel fears and myths associated with the common procedure. According to a recent survey, pain was the most feared concern in having a root canal treatment.  Patients are given anesthesia creating a procedure that is not any more painful than a regular dental procedure such as a filling or wisdom tooth removal.

According to the AAE, more than 15 million root canals are performed every year.  The procedure treats the underlying soft tissue or pulp of a tooth that is damaged or diseased.  Damage can come from injury, genetics, a deep cavity, or problems from a previous filling. Besides pain or pressure in the area, patients will generally  notice their teeth are sensitive, especially to hot or cold sensations. Sensitive teeth is usually an indication that harmful bacteria has reached the nerves of the jaw, and it has become infected.  A root canal should be performed. During the procedure, the pulp is removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed, and the area is packed with an inert material. The tooth can still survive without the pulp with the nourishment from the surrounding tissues.

With combines experience of over 85 years of Drs. Addleson, Campbell, and Landau along with the Art of Dentistry’s team, are all highly qualified to save the tooth through a root canal procedure which is in some cases the better option over implants or a dental bridge.  A successful root canal leads to a natural appearance, efficient chewing, and normal biting force.

Patients who think they might need a root canal, or have questions about the root canal procedure or other dental needs in San Diego, are encouraged to call the Art of Dentistry office at 619-291-4325 to arrange for a consultation.  If a root canal is an issue, it can be treated to improve patients health and function.

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