The world is gradually understanding the impact that burning fossil fuel for energy is having on the environment and are actively working on alternatives. One of these alternatives, one that has been widely accepted is solar energy.

Many countries around the world are encouraging the use of solar energy, some have even gone as far as subsidizing its use. In the United States, the government has instituted the federal residential solar energy credit, which is a tax credit that can be claimed by anyone on federal income taxes. It is for a percentage of what a solar photovoltaic system costs and this tax credit (22%) is valid for a year.

Also, solar energy is a sustainable energy source, it helps to reduce greenhouse emissions, sulfur dioxide while also reducing a household’s carbon footprint. It is apparent that there are quite a few advantages to going solar, but how can that be done?

Christian Solar Launches A Brand New Website

There is one company in California that can provide all the solar energy-related services that you require. They provide both residential and commercial solar energy solutions, and they do this in the most efficient way possible. Christian Solar is the way to go.

To further show their commitment to provide excellent service to their esteemed customers, Christian Solar has launched a brand new website. The site has a great new look that improves the user experience while also improving the functionality by showcasing their services in a simpler and easy-to-view way. 

Solar Energy Services

Christian Solar offers a few solar products that are perfect for both residential and commercial clients, here they are:

  •         Residential Solar Products

Solar energy installations for residential buildings have enjoyed a recent increase. More and more individuals are understanding the importance of choosing a sustainable energy source like solar, and are embracing the change.

Christian Solar engineering experts have the technical skills to perform a proper assessment of your house to determine the type of solar energy solutions that will work best.  

  •         Commercial

Commercial buildings, depending on the size typically use a huge amount of energy. Switching to solar energy not only provides a reliable and clean source of energy but also helps to reduce the amount of energy that is used. Christian Solar will embark on a total overhaul of your energy system to figure out how to make your commercial building more energy efficient. 

Furthermore, the installation team at Christian Solar is experienced and is able to handle all kinds of installations, whether it is installing a new system or updating an older one.

If you have a house or a business and you are located in or around San Diego, California, and are looking to upgrade to a more efficient power system, Christian Solar is the perfect company for you. You can visit their new and improved website at  to find out more about their services.