A mortgage note is also known as a promissory note or a real estate note. They are essentially promissory notes that promise to pay a debt. A mortgage on the other hand is a kind of security instrument that secures the note. In essence, a mortgage note refers to both the mortgage and the promissory note that it secures.

This mortgage note is a loan that is used to buy houses in several countries around the world. It typically contains information on the loan amount, the repayment period (maturity and interest), and the terms of payment. 

How Mortgage Notes Work

Private mortgages are tradeable; they can be bought by a buyer, lender, or seller, and a private broker or lender who wants to sell them. Whenever the owner of a mortgage note wants to sell so as to recover a lump sum of money, they start by selling private bonds. 

Before selling, it is a good idea to find out all the necessary information about the mortgage that is owned; the amount it is worth, how many more years is required to service the note, and how much debt is remaining to be paid off.

How To Sell Mortgage Notes

Mortgage notes are easily liquidable assets, that is, they can be quickly converted to cash. It is also possible to sell only part of the value of the mortgage note. Mortgage notes that the owner has been defaulting on payments can be sold as well. 

Whenever some quick cash is needed for something like rent, car purchase, or paying school fees, selling mortgage notes is a good way to get that cash. To sell a mortgage note, the following documents are required:

  •         The original mortgage note
  •         The Security Instrument (a mortgage or trust deed)
  •         The original sales contract
  •         The mortgage note’s payment history
  •         Credit history of the individual paying the mortgage note.


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