The denture laboratory has been creating custom made dentures for Calgary residents for the past decade. 

The latest Canadian Dental Association report states that Canada is among the world leaders when it comes to the overall oral health of its citizens.  Royal Denture Clinic is proud to be part of a profession providing years of oral health dental needs to Calgary, Alberta residents.

Royal Denture Clinic develops a relationship with a patient to build and fit one of a kind dentures made from the latest denture appliances. Royal Denture Clinic has a licensed denturist to help patients each step of the way and collaborates with the patient’s own dentist to create the denture. Education is the key to understanding what will take place from consultation to fittings and follow ups. The denturist, a professional dental care professional, has expertise in the building and fitting of fixed and removable prosthesis. The denturist takes into account what a patient requires in a denture. If appearance is the primary focus, there are natural esthetics, custom gingival toning allowing for various shades and glaze brightness. If function is the focus, mesh reinforcement can be added for strength along with soft liners for comfort.

Once the dentures are created, Royal Denture Clinic  support their patients as they practice using the denture in the clinics private office. Instructions on how to care for it as well as any questions are answered. 

Follow up visits are available for adjustments, repairs, and general support for one getting used to the denture. “It’s important that the patient is completely satisfied with the results of their denture,” says Nathan Schultz, DD, of Royal Denture Clinic. “ I use innovative techniques to reach the optimal result for each individual”.  Schultz has over 10 years of experience as a denturist and almost 30 years in the dental field. 

Royal Denture Clinic creates both implants and removable dentures as well as sports guards, and night guards.  They are located in the Brentwood Village Mall in Calgary, Alberta. Royal Denture Clinic offers a free consultation. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please go to :