Unlimited Drilling & Foundations, San Diego’s engineering and general contracting specialist, announces that it is providing retaining wall repair and installation services to the community. The team is skilled in working with a wide range of retaining wall types including gravity, cantilevered, sheet piling, bored pile, anchored, soil nailing, soil-strengthened, and mechanical stabilization.

Slope destabilization is an ongoing problem in the San Diego area due to the clay soils of the region. Poorly compacted soils can create serious problems for homeowners and commercial businesses. If soils for new construction are not compacted properly, the weight of a structure will cause the foundation to settle as the clay goes through wetting and drying cycles. Although settling generally occurs slowly, significant settling can, over time, cause major elevation changes and cracking. This elevation shift and cracking eventually leads to critical structural damage.

To solve the problem of slope destabilization, a homeowner can have a retaining wall installed. Unlimited Drilling & Foundations can construct concrete retaining walls, steel beam/pipe pile retaining walls, and GeoGrid systems. The design of a concrete retaining wall can vary greatly depending on site conditions. Footing size, block wall or poured-in-place concrete, and the use of caissons are just a few of the decisions that will need to be made during the design process. Steel beam and pipe pile retaining walls are commonly used on extreme slopes where a concrete wall is cost-prohibitive. GeoGrid systems composed of GeoGrid textile fabric are utilized to rebuild slopes that have previously failed due to a landslide or mudslide. Where applicable, this is often the most cost-effective solution.

Engineers make many crucial decisions when designing a retaining wall. Homeowners need to make sure that they hire a trustworthy, experienced San Diego contractor who uses the right materials and who understands the unique needs of local properties. At Unlimited Drilling & Foundations, the team has been building block walls, concrete retaining walls, steel beam retaining walls, and GeoGrid systems for over twenty-five years. They are familiar with local construction considerations and are happy to answer all client questions. The Unlimited Drilling & Foundations team knows that they are not just completing a construction project. They are designing elements that keep people’s homes and families safe and sound.

Founded in 1993, Unlimited Drilling & Foundations specializes in all aspects of drainage work and pump systems. The company has completed over a thousand projects on time and within budget. Projects are completed in-house by Unlimited Drilling & Foundations, and the team does the job right the first time for a very competitive price. The services provided by Unlimited Drilling & Foundations include retaining wall repair and installation, foundation repair, drilling, caissons, slope stabilization, and drainage.


For more information, visit the website at https://unlimiteddrilling.com. Staff can be contacted by phone at 1 (619) 449-7880.