Also known as a real estate lien note, or a borrower’s note, a mortgage note is a type of promissory note wherein the borrower agrees to specific terms concerning a specified borrowed sum. The mortgage note will have the sum total plus interest and specifies the rate of payment and the length of time during which the borrower will repay the loan.

A mortgage note is most often utilized when a lower-income buyer is purchasing real estate for a home that is found to be ineligible for a traditional mortgage due to the condition that the home is in. This often results in a private mortgage, or a mortgage note. Another use for a mortgage note, is as a safe holding for assets. Property, cars, or other assets that may be bought or sold within a family often utilize a private mortgage note, so as to keep all the terms and interest close to home and in the family circle.

As with any financial transaction, especially when involving a loan, there is some risk involved in holding a promissory mortgage note. Simanda Investments explains the risks involved with holding a mortgage note, which include default by the payer, or the destruction of the home amongst other possible risk factors.

Mortgage notes can be an option for a quick solution to a financial need. A mortgage note holder may desire to sell their mortgage note to a mortgage note buyer. Selling the mortgage note can provide a quick income to pay off debts, finance a vacation or the purchase of a vehicle, pay for a college tuition, or even to finance another investment opportunity.

Selling a mortgage note is a way of liquidating an asset. The Simanda Investment website provides all of the information and forms needed, including a list of the documents required to sell the mortgage note. After the documents have been acquired, the holder may begin the sale of the mortgage note. The first step is to fill out the necessary application, after which the investment firm will contact the mortgage note holder. During this initial contact, the firm will obtain the necessary information to continue the process. The firm will evaluate the mortgage note, and will then follow up with a reasonable offer. The process to sell a mortgage note through Simanda Investments is simple and satisfactory.

“Simanda Investments LLC has been in operation in the discounted mortgage note industry and the secondary mortgage market for more than a twelve years, and during this time, we have maintained a 96% note closing success rate. Our in-depth understanding and extensive experience in the secondary market makes us experts at exceeding client service and financial expectations as we will always get your note deal funded. The most important thing you are looking for is money though we believe that efficiency and effectiveness of service are also essential and hence we work hard to provide these.”

To request a free mortgage note evaluation, or to obtain more information concerning the sale of a mortgage note, please visit the Simanda Investment website.