To sell a mortgage note is to liquidate an asset, and this can offer a quick solution to a financial need. The sale of a mortgage note to a mortgage note buyer can provide a quick income, and may supply an advantageous solution to an immediate or impending financial need. Simanda Investment buys mortgage notes from mortgage note holders, offering a swift and uncomplicated sale.

Sell Mortgage Note

There are multiple options available to those with a mortgage note to sell:

  • SA Full Note Purchase
  • A Split Buy-Out of The Mortgage Note
  • Reverse Partial Purchase the Promissory Note

The Simanda Investment website makes the sale of a mortgage note a simple and easy process. The company website contains all of the information and forms that are required for the sale, including a list of the documents that will be needed. Once the necessary documents have been acquired, the mortgage holder may begin the sale of the mortgage note.

How to Sell a Mortgage Note

  1. Get a Quote
  2. Accept an Offer
  3. Submit a Copy of Land Contract, Deed, Mortgage, or Note, depending on the state that the note holder lives in
  4. Simanda Investments will do collateral/asset verification to get estimates on property value, borrower credit, and to confirm notes LTV.
  5. Once Simanda Investments has the pre-confirmation for the asset, the note seller has to present the following documents so that they can be underwritten:
    • HUD1 or Settlement Statement
    • Copy of third Party Loan Servicing Agreement (where applicable)
    • Proof of Payments Records (canceled checks, bank statements, etc.)
    • Title Insurance Policy (makes sure the title does not have any encumbrances from the previous owner)
    • Proof of Fire/Homeowners Insurance (should include policy number, number, and agent name)
    • Pictures of the property if available
    • Rental Amount and Tenant Rental Agreement (if it is a commercial or rental property)
  6. Note seller reviews, signs, and presents the mortgage authorization documents
  7. Simanda Investments will order and pay for an appraisal of the building’s exterior
  8. Once Simanda Investments receives the note appraisal, they will approve it
  9. Simanda Investments will pay for a title search
  10. Simanda Investments will then take receipt of the title and confirm that it is clean
  11. Simanda Investments will then schedule the transaction, including the closing date and time by working with the attorney’s office or the title company of the note holder’s choice or through UPS or FedEx
  12. Receive wire transfer or check

Sell Mortgage Note

The first step to sell a mortgage note requires the note holder to fill out the necessary application on the Simanda Investments website. The investment firm will then contact the mortgage note holder, obtaining the necessary information to continue the process. An evaluation of the mortgage note will follow, after which Simanda Investments and will contact the note holder with a reasonable offer.

The sale will then follow the natural course of the process, which will span 15 to 35 days. Simanda Investments offers a smooth transaction and a satisfactory experience. AX foots all expenses associated with the purchase of the note, including title fees, BPO, and appraisal.

To request a free mortgage note evaluation, or to obtain more information concerning the sale of a mortgage note, please visit the Simanda Investment website