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Transit-Oriented Development in Calgary … • Consideration of custom Trip generation rates for Calgary Calgary’s Proposed Next Steps. Questions/ Comments? Transportation Impact Assessment for Transit-Oriented Development in calgary. title: microsoft powerpoint – 4A-McNeely.ppt

Trip generation rates . The City of Calgary has established standard vehicular Trip Generation rates for a number of typical uses. Trip Generation rates should be confirmed as part of the scoping process with Development Services staff prior to their use.

Rate % IN % OUT Rate % IN % OUT RESIDENTIAL* Single Family (vehicle trips per hour per unit) 0.7 20 80 1 66 34 Multi-Family (vehicle trips per hour per unit) 0.6 25 75 0.7 65 35 Multi-Family TOD (vehicle trips per hour per unit) 0.35 25 75 0.45 65 35 OFFICE Sub-Urban (vehicle trips per hour per 1,000 ft² GFA) 1.8 88 12 2 17 83 TOD (vehicle trips per hour per 1,000 ft² GFA) 1.39 88 12 1.57 17 83

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One of Thrive Limousine is Getting Ready for Pick Up Trip to YYC Calgary Airport (403) 404-4333 The City of Calgary – Transportation Planning Page 1 1.0 INTRODUCTION A Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) is typically required to support the transportation aspects of a … • Standard City of Calgary trip generation rates are to be used as the basis for analyses.

Proposed trip generation rates and sources for the development Location and sensitivity of the adjacent community Existing transportation infrastructure CITY OF EDMONTON • TRANSPORTATION IMPACT ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES 3

Members at the city’s Utility and Corporate … to choose the cart based on what their generation rates are like,” Valdarchi said. READ MORE: Weekly green cart collection questioned by Calgary council…

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