Anyone that has moved into a new home or office, or traveled from their home for a long period of time before coming back to a dirty and dusty apartment understands that sometimes getting a broom and a mop just doesn’t cut it. There is a need to bring in professionals. 

These companies are set up in order to provide cleaning services to their clients. They typically employ cleaning professionals who are experienced at cleaning various spaces using different techniques. They are also armed with the appropriate cleaning tools. One of such companies is Correa’s Cleaning Service.

Correa’s Cleaning Service Launches A Brand New Website

This cleaning service was established in 2018 and since then they have been providing world-class cleaning services to clients for both commercial and private buildings. At Correa’s Cleaning Service, they are known to be trustworthy, reliable, and they also offer one of the best rates in the Indianapolis area.

They have now taken their commitment to provide amazing services for their clients a step further by creating and launching a new and improved website. The new site features a cleaner and better design which gives an improved user experience for both old and new visitors. Visitors to the website also have access to all the information they need about the company including the various cleaning services that are on offer and how to easily book a cleaning session. 

Correa’s Cleaning Services


Correa’s Cleaning Service offers some basic and specialized cleaning services. Here are some of them:

  •         General Area Cleaning

This involves basic or deep cleaning of general spaces in a residential or commercial building. The spaces cleaned include furniture, carpet vacuuming, baseboards, furniture, light fixtures, doors and door knobs, pictures, and frames.

  •         Bathroom

Their bathroom cleaning service includes deep cleaning of toilets, bathtubs, mirrors, sinks, bathroom cabinets, and wiping down of countertops. They are sure to leave any bathroom looking like new.

  •         Kitchen

In any building, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces, and also probably the toughest to keep clean. That is okay though, Correa’s Cleaning Service will make that kitchen perfectly clean in no time. They offer basic and deep cleaning for kitchen cabinets, countertops, outside appliances, sinks, top of the range, and microwave ovens.

  •         Bedroom

The bedroom is supposed to be a safe space, one set aside for relaxing and resting. As such, it is important that it looks the part, keeping it clean and free of clutter and dirt is necessary for a good rest. For the bedroom, they offer bed-making and dusting services.

  •         Living Spaces

For living spaces, Correa’s Cleaning Service will leave hallways and staircases clean and spotless.

  •         Additional Services

There are some cleaning services that are outside of Correa’s Cleaning Service’s regular offerings. These come with one-off fees, they include inside oven cleaning, inside fridge cleaning, inside window cleaning, blind cleaning, and ceiling fan cleaning.

If you are a resident or have a company in or around Indianapolis, then you should give Correa’s Cleaning Service a call for your cleaning needs. You can visit their new website for a FREE estimate.