Mortgage notes are the legal documents that specify the terms of mortgage between the lender and the borrower including the amount of downpayment, amount of loan, repayment plan and interest rates.

It is usually accompanied by a promissory note that outlines the terms, methods and rates of repayment. Mortgage notes can be bought and sold secondarily without affecting the terms of the mortgage. 

What Does The Mortgage Note Selling Process Entail?

The Decision To Sell

Mortgage notes can be sold for several reasons depending on your personal situation and need for cash.These reasons may range from dividing an estate to freeing up capital for other uses.

However, not all mortgage notes can be sold so it is important to check whether the note is saleable first before proceeding to sell.

Choosing What Kind Of Sale

Mortgage notes can be sold either fully or partially. A full sale relinquishes your ownership rights for a one-time payout while in a partial sale, a certain percentage of the payment is paid to you while the rest goes to the note buyer. 

Selecting a Note Purchasing Company

This is an important step of the note selling process as it determines how your sale goes and how much you get for your note.

A professional and customer oriented mortgage note buying company makes the process a quick and stress-free one for the seller. Experts like Simanda Investments give you a free quote and close your sale as quickly as possible.

Property Evaluation

The property is surveyed by the buying company to determine the current property value. A full appraisal is done to check the physical aspects, legal history and any unpaid taxes or restrictions.

Once everything comes out clean, then the sale can be closed

Closing the Sale

In this stage, property owners are informed of the sale and reassured that their mortgage remains the same and only payment routes are changing.

A local title company does the final closing and the documents are signed. The money is immediately wired to the sellers account afterwards.

Where to Find a Mortgage Note Buying Company in San Diego

The right mortgage note buying company gives you the best rates in the shortest time frame possible making your sale a seamless one.

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