A mortgage note or promissory note is a financial document that contains the details of a loan agreement used to purchase property, including the size of the loan, the repayment period, as well as the maturity and interest rates applicable. But beyond being a financial document, private mortgage holders can sell their mortgage rate to raise money for important projects.

Why Do People Sell Mortgage Notes?

Private mortgage holders sell their notes for a wide variety of reasons, most of which has to do with getting funds to handle immediate needs. Other reasons you may decide to sell your mortgage notes include:

  • Obtaining a lump sum of cash
  • Paying college tuition
  • Paying medical bills
  • Buying a house
  • Making retirement affordable
  • Paying off debt 

How To Find the Right Buyer for Your Mortgage Note


Before selling your mortgage note, it’s important to research several note buying companies to find the right one. Visit their website and read about how their process works. If they don’t have a website, chances are they are not reputable. Also, many offer free consultation where they explain the note buying process. Only choose an experienced company.

Direct buyer

There are many benefits attached to selling your mortgage note to a direct note buyer vs selling to a note broker. For example, a direct note buyer like Simada doesn’t charge commission when selling your real estate notes, whereas most note brokering firms certainly do.

Positive Rating

With a tool like Google, you can easily search for any company online and find out if they have a bad record, such as unresolved complaints from customers. Choosing a company that doesn’t value customers can be the worst nightmare for you when selling your mortgage note. It’s recommended to thoroughly find out about your chosen note buying company before you commit yourself to the deal.

Choosing the right Note Buying Company in San Diego

If you’re looking to sell your note in San Diego, California, Simanda Investment is one of the best direct note buying companies you can trust. Simanda Investment is a reputable company serving customers in San Diego and the surrounding areas with honesty and dedication. The company offers free consultation where you learn about their process and other information that’s relevant to your specific situation. For more information, visit their  official website