Holding a mortgage note in a volatile economy can deny you of the benefits of owning the mortgage in the first place, especially if the loan holder’s financial security has been threatened by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

On the bright side, you can sell your mortgage note for a lump sum. Not only does your mortgage loan help you avoid the real estate market uncertainties, it provides you with quick, unconditional cash to attend to your biggest needs.

Mortgage note is a type of promissory note that addresses the specific terms of the repayment of a loan used to purchase real estate. The document describes the amount of the loan as well as the terms of repayment, including the interest rate and duration.

What Options Do You Have When Selling A Mortgage Note?

Selling My Note with a Full Note Purchase

As a private mortgage owner, you can decide to sell your entire note and get the most money possible upfront, depending on the type of asset you have. This option allows you to avoid the risk or obligation to service the asset. Once the note is sold, you’re free to move on to other financial pursuits.

Sell A Partial Note of my note

For some people, they prefer selling only a portion of their mortgage note, which is also a good option. A mortgage note buyer can buy 2, 3 or even fifteen years of payment expected from the asset while you get a balloon payment or a stream of payments, depending on your agreement.

Once the buyer has collected all the payments as stipulated in the sale agreement, you will be entitled to the remainder, including the interest, principal and remaining balance.

Split Buy-Out of your mortgage note

Here, the entire purchase of your mortgage note is divided into 2 or more lump sum stages. You will get a lump sum when the sale closes and then receive the remaining payouts at a scheduled payment date. The payment is broken into tranches to protect the asset and the borrower against unfavorable property market situations.

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Your Mortgage Note?

Simanda Investment LLC is a reputable company that specializes in buying and selling of mortgage notes. They accept all major types of real estate notes including notes on single family homes, duplex and triplex, mobile homes with land and boat notes. They also buy business notes, secured by real estate or inventory. For more information, visit their official website.