The Malibu, California company makes owning a premium electric bike affordable and easy with their manufacturing process and payment options.

SONDORS, an e-bike company whose successful crowdfunding campaign became one of the largest and affordable direct-to-consumer electric bike companies worldwide, now offers its customers FlexPay. FlexPay is a type of layaway program available to customers preferring to spread the cost of an item over a few weeks or months. FlexPay is a convenient way to easily divide the total cost of an e-bike into a few monthly payments. This alternative payment choice allows the customers to order an e-bike and pay it off within a set number of payments. Once paid in full, the e-bike ships directly to the customer. 

Available now in both the U.S. and Europe, SONDORS is a premium electric bike company. It began in February 2015 to provide affordable electric transportation for the masses. It presently has more than 40,000 loyal SONDORS owners worldwide. SONDORS is unique in that it is hand-built to order and shipped directly to the customer. This means they are not only eliminating the expense of the middleman, they are also cutting out the added cost of warehousing inventory. SONDORS is committed to cultivating an ingenious method of manufacturing and a price-conscious process from start to finish so that they’re able to offer exceptional SONDORS products at a major savings. 

“Think of it this way, the time you’re willing to wait for your SONDORS premium electric bike equals the money you’re saving plus the opportunity to experience electric technology like never before,” says Storm Sondors, creator of the award-winning SONDORS Electric Bike. “Simply put, SONDORS is well worth the wait!” 

FlexPay is available for the SONDORS Fold X, the best selling folding e-bike. With a FLexPay payment of $299 down, it can be reserved. This fan-favorite has a seven-speed grip shifter, 500 WATT motor, foldable, forged aluminum frame, and a load capacity of 300 lbs. It includes an LCD screen that tracks speed and battery level while enabling five levels of electric pedal assist, and up to 40-60 mile range. FlexPay is also available for other SONDORS, such as the SONDORS Original, the first SONDORS e-bike featuring SONDORS signature all-terrain fat tires. 


SONDORS e-bikes are available with thin, standard, trail or all-terrain fat tires, and motors ranging from 350W to 750W. They all offer unique SONDORS styling and are hand-built using 100% aluminum frames. Customers can choose their SONDORS online via the in-stock selection for immediate shipping, or at a discount during manufacturing with a later shipping date. Customers are kept informed with regular status updates throughout the manufacturing, shipping, and delivery of their SONDORS e-bike. All SONDORS e-bikes are carefully wrapped in heavy-duty protective materials and packed in an ultra-thick, seven-layer motorcycle-grade box. They are hand-delivered to the customer’s door via U.P.S. ground shipping. 


For more information, or to place a made-to-order SONDORS Electric Bike, please go to: