Jacobs Low Price Auto Glass recently announced that they offer windshield replacement Dallas. The Texas based company states that they have one of the largest in-shop inventories of auto glass in the state and says that they can get to customers quickly to replace their windshields.

A representative for the company says, “Having a busted windshield can be worrisome. Not only does one have to worry about having that glass replaced but until it is replaced, the vehicle likely cannot be driven, depending on how severe the damage is. We ensure that our customers get back on the road quickly. Our inventory of glass means that we likely have the windshield that we need in stock, so we can get our customers back on the road quickly.”

The company states that they accept walk-in customers or they can book appointments and in some cases, they can provide same-day services. They add that they work with all major car insurance companies for those who are covered, but state that in most cases, they are able to replace windshields or back window glass for much less than the cost of an insurance deductible.

“Our goal is to offer cheap windshield replacement,” says the company representative. “But this does not mean that we skimp on quality. Our team is highly trained and experienced in replacing car and truck windows, so our customers can count on us doing an outstanding job on their vehicle, even at the lost prices that we offer.”

The company states that in most cases, cars or trucks will look exactly the same as they did before the damage was done, but adds that vehicles that have aftermarket tint may need to make adjustments afterwards. They add that they can even replace factory electronics on newer vehicles such as antennas that are built into the windshield and heated windshields.

In many states, driving a vehicle with a damaged windshield is against the law. Not only do these look unsightly, but they can obscure the view of the driver and cause a distraction. In addition, airbags deflect off of the windshield. If a windshield does not work properly the driver loses the protection of those airbags. The company states that another benefit of replacing broken or cracked windshields involves the value of the vehicle.

“If someone is planning to sell a vehicle, they can command a much higher price if the windshield is intact,” says the company representative. “This is simply because a broken windshield poses a hazard to the vehicle itself and having that windshield replaced will make the vehicle more valuable.”

Those who are looking for “windshield replacement near me” can visit Jacobs Low Price Auto Glass on their company website to learn more. The company states that if there are any chips or cracks in the windshield, particularly if they radiate throughout the windshield or if there are more than two or three cracks, it is highly recommended that the windshield be replaced. They state that they can work with insurance companies for those who have a lower than average deductible or for those who have already met their deductible.

Those in need of windshield replacement can contact the company to learn more about their pricing structure to determine if they want to involve their insurance company, although Jacobs reiterates that in most cases, their prices are less expensive than paying a deductible, although they can provide a receipt that will help to pay towards the deductible.

Jacobs adds that for those who need it, they offer mobile services and can come to customers anywhere in their designated service area. The company lists their service areas on their website, along with a contact form and direct contact information for those who wish to make an appointment. Jacobs has been in business in the Dallas area since 2000 and states that they strive to offer the most affordable, as well as the fastest and most professional window replacement services in the area.