CraftEd Curriculum, an online project-based learning company, has recently announced the launch of 5 new online courses designed for teachers. Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a method of teaching students that encourages learning and skills through an interactive experience. It provides a deeper understanding for students in the development of important skills for college and career readiness.

The five new courses in CraftEd Curriculum have been created in three levels designed for teachers to clearly implement project-based learning in the classroom. The courses provide practical tips and tools with each course including a video, downloads of student reproducibles, planning forms and model projects as wells as additional links for resources. The first level is designed to build a foundation of high quality project- based learning with Brainstorming Project Ideas. The last course finishes with strategies and resources for sharing students work with an audience. The modules can be accessed by a mobile device and a certificate of completion is available for teachers wanting to receive credit by their school.

Research on PBL supports an increase in student engagement and achievement. It provides meaningful learning and can be a vehicle for integrating multiple subjects, making the connection across several areas rather than one subject at a time. PBL has been known to help build 21st century skills for critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. PBL settings are for students to engage in projects tied to real-world careers and experiences. The role of the teacher now provides support only when needed and the students work more independently through the PBL process.

CraftED Curriculum was developed by Dr. Jenny Pieratt. “I’m the first person in the field to do this specifically for PBL in an affordable way,” stated Pieratt, an expert on Project Based Learning. She continued, “The courses are affordable so that teachers could pay in the event their district didn’t support their learning.” All courses align with an onsite workshop for principals to use for new hires or to teach the curriculum if Pieratt is not able to be onsite. An institutional license is available for whole schools wanting to learn together.

For more information on Project Based Learning, access to the 5 online courses, please go to